Who are we? We're people who see the potencial in software and the digital landscapes VR and video games bring. Our goal is bring out that potencial, by making the most of CPUs and GPUs.

So much is possiable with the hardware and tech at our finger tips. But tech stacks and game dev tools have become so bloated. They have brought down the barrier for game development, letting anyone make games. But they became giant general purpose piles of features. At BTD we want to make tools that keep that barrier for creation low. But trip out extra fat. Not every tool is perfect for every job. Sometimes you need something specilized.



Chess Chasers was the first offical release as Bytes The Dust. You play as a pawn trying to survive each floor. Avoiding enemy pawns and aiming for a gold.

Release: 8/20/23

Platform: Windows


Why make a game engine when Unity, Unreal, Godot, and many others exist? For the love of tool creation and not every tool fits every job. Sometimes a specilized one is better then a general purpose. That's why are "Game Engines" are built like pieces of a framework. So you can swap them out with your own, or use prepackaged tools and libraries. All our tools share a theme and look, but underneeth are built for their target.


Smok is 3D ECS game engine with a Vulkan graphics backend. Smok was designed as a series of parts that can be swapped in and out as needed.

Smok Assets

Smok Assets handless all assets at runtime. It supports fonts, textures, and meshes. Optionally a built in asset manager can be used to load and unload assets automatically.

Smok ECS

Smok ECS is a Entity Component System, built to be light weight and support loading DLL Modules easily.

Smok Render Graph

Smok Render Graph is a package of renderers based around Desktop.